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ByBac Hotels

Set up your own charming hotel business in Spain


About us

ByBac Hotels assists investors and entrepreneurs to set up their own charming hotel business in Spain.

We advice clients during the entire process; from the researching investment opportunities to the business setup and hotel management.

About us
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  • Are you looking to invest in the hotel business in Spain in order to start your own business project (ie, building/apartment, hotel, hostel, etc.)?

  • You have no experience in tourism asset acquisitions in Spain?

  • Are you wanting to have your own tourism business in Spain but do not know how to start?


ByBac Hotels searches for real estate and tourism investment opportunities in Spain. Whether it is a hotel, hostel, B&B or tourist apartment we can assist in setting up your own charming hotel business.

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  • Do you own a hotel business but you don't have time to run it?

  • Is your tourism business not profitable enough?

  • Would you like to improve your business reputation on the internet through higher customer ratings? 

  • Are you tired of running your own business and would rather delegate management?


ByBac Hotels assists you to achieve a high profitable and well reputed tourism business. We analyse your existing hotel, hostel, B&B or tourist apartment to understand potential business growth areas and provide a range of services to set up a new charming hotel business.



ByBac Hotels provides investors and entrepreneurs with a broad range of services depending on a case by case scenario.  We lead the entire process; from researching investment opportunities to the setup and management of the hotel business, depending on your interests.


  • Research of real estate and hotel business opportunities in prime or near prime locations, with considerable improvement potential.

  • Assistance in acquisition transactions and due diligence processes from a financial, tax, labour and real estate perspective. We also provide legal advice to investors from a Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax point of view.

  • Optimise the asset’s right of use and make any renovation/refurbishment needed within the Spanish real estate market and tourism legislation.

  • Obtain the activity license issued by the Spanish Authorities and any other mandatory documentation.

  • Management and direction of the hotel business.


  • Analyse strengths and improvement areas of your operating business to increase efficiencies and potential of your business.

  • Market analysis and strategic business planning to maximise business growth. 

  • Define a new business plan in order to optimise business income and expenses.

  • Perform any renovation, refurbishment or interior design project of your establishment according to the selected strategy and business plan.

  • Assistance in sale transactions and due diligence processes from a financial, tax, labour and real estate perspective. In addition, we advice investors from a Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax point of view.

  • Management and direction of your hotel business

Success Stories - BacHome Barcelona B&B

ByBac Hotels first business experience consisted on setting up a charming hotel business in the center of Barcelona

ByBac Hotels started with a very special mission: to set up a charming hotel business in the center of Barcelona.


After researching investment opportunities and a very successful acquisition process, BacHome Barcelona B&B started in 2014 with its first B&B, BacHome Gallery B&B, a charming Bed & Breakfast right in the center of Barcelona. In 2017 the Group invested in another B&B in Barcelona, BacHome Terrace B&B. Both Bed and Breakfasts are located in the prestigious Eixample District.


ByBac Hotels key objectives of the investment project were clear: Location, Design, Comfort and Tradition:

  • Location: both B&B businesses are located right in the center of Barcelona having the main monuments, tourist attractions, high streets and the beach just in a few minutes walk.

  • Design: the B&Bs are located in beautiful modernist buildings with a charming, stylish and trendy decor.

  • Comfort: we ensure our guests feel like at home and find the B&Bs a peaceful oasis in the center of town.

  • Tradition: in this case, the B&Bs are not hotels, they are homes where guests will have a 100% local experience.

BacHome Barcelona B&B has built an excellent international reputation. It has been mentioned in the British newspaper "The Guardian" by Richard Eilers on 17 March 2015  and in the American Travel Guide of Barcelona written by Rick Steves.


The Guardian: "The Eixample is all about elegant living and is where modernism really took off at the turn of the 20th century. Every millionaire wanting to keep up with the Jordis commissioned Antoni Gaudí and others to build them a home here. This apartment block was once the home of painter Josep Maria Sert, a friend of Salvador Dalí and best-known for murals at New York’s Waldforf-Astoria. Calm, pale-grey decor is the style here now in the spacious, high-ceilinged rooms. There are seven bedrooms and a lovely breakfast room overlooking one of Eixample’s trademark wide avenues."

BacHome Barcelona B&B is more than a successful business, it is a different way to understand tourism. 

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ByBac Hotels is made up of professionals with a combined experience in the Spanish real estate and hotel business. Our Team is composed of specialist professionals to ensure that all projects are of high quality and cost-effective, including lawyers, architects and hotel operators.


Our organisation

Our experience and local expertise in the industry allows us to effectively lead the process from start to finish.  Our staff oversee the investment process, as well as the management and direction of your charming hotel business. 

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Barbara Bach - Founder of ByBac Hotels

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  • Barbara has more than 15 years experience advising both individuals and companies in investment transactions and leading due diligence processes. She has been based in London, Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Broad experience in the tourism / hospitality sector by carrying out the management and direction of hotels from a financial, operational and strategic perspective. In addition, she has experience in the research of business opportunities within the Touristic sector in Spain.

  • Founder and Management Director of BacHome Barcelona B&B, which owns  2 charming Bed & Breakfasts in the center of Barcelona.

  • Masters in Hotel Management and Direction at CESAE Business & Tourism School.

  • Graduated in LLB Law at the University of Barcelona and LLM Masters in Law at ESADE Business School.

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